Alright, you are here because of three possible reasons..

1) You are going to start an app and looking for ways to take the idea forward

2) You are already getting an app developed, but are facing some kinda issues with the development team

3) You have just been had by an agency / freelancer and were searching for what went wrong

I personally hope that none of you guys are No. 3, and you have come here on time.

Given the ever increasing visibility of outsourcing websites, it has become far easier for anyone to outsource the app development requirements to offshore companies or freelancers. In this article, I explain some important tips to enable you contract out your app development in the best possible ways.

Tip #1: Be clear with your budgets and timelines

time-watchPrior to starting your project, make sure that you have an agreement in place with your developer regarding the span of time that the project should take as well as what it will eventually cost. You don’t want to be hit with a bigger budget after the completion of the work. Majority of app outsourcing websites let you come up with a project plan or even monitor their performance in many ways.

In case you choose to use a developer from your home town, it is still important to have an agreement with him or her regarding the price of developing and its delivery. Also, arrange one-on-one meetings with your developer just to make sure that everything proceeds like clockwork.

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Tip #2: Have clear requirements and expectations

targetIt is important to have a very clear understanding upfront with your developer regarding the kind of work that should be expected from the project. It helps a lot to have a design specification or a project plan. Alternatively, you can team up with your developer to come up with one prior to commencing the project.

Make sure that all important elements are clearly explained so that everybody understands what requires to be done, the person to do it as well as the fact that it is within the budget.

Tip #3: Choose your app developer carefully

app-developer As to whether you should outsource the development of your app onshore or offshore is a matter that depends largely on your requirements and in some cases, the security and safety of your idea.

When in the process of selecting a developer, take your time to thoroughly review apps that they have previously developed. Also, take note of what people say about the developer in the reviews or even feedback.

In case you are working with an outsourcing website, you will easily access their ratings and reviews from previous customers. This will help you easily make a decision. Also, make sure to talk with your potential app developer through Skype just to ensure that communication is easy between you.

Tip #4: Ensure that your idea is completely protected

protect-idea Everyone is bound to have a disparate opinion regarding value of non-disclosure as a protection against IP theft. However, in case you have subcontracted a local company to develop your app, you need extra protection through your local laws and statutes. But the moment you go overseas for an app developer, the equation changes dramatically.

The least you can do is to ask the app developer that they sign a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) as this shows your seriousness about your project. It also shows that you are keen to make sure that everything is done correctly and beyond reproach from the word go.

Tip #5: Get an agreement on your project design


When it comes to developing an app, the single most important thing that you can ever do is to make sure there is written project brief which can act as a kind of agreement between the developer and you. This needs to include all features and functions in list form that will be part of the app together with designs and layouts for all screens. To minimize disputes over the final app, make sure to provide as much information as possible.

Tip #6: Clarity when providing instructions is very important


Most delays in completing projects occur because of unclear or late communication and feedback. This is why it is important that you provide not only prompt but also clear feedback and information to your app developer.

Where you work on a project that is complex, it may be necessary for you to adopt a numbering system which will then let you go back and see that everything has been properly competed.

Also, there are several online-based project management services which allow you keep tabs on all communication between you and your app developer.

Tip #7: Come up with milestone payments


It is best to come up with a staggered mode of payment and this needs to be linked with milestones that your developer is meeting for the project being done. Milestone payments tend to differ according to project size but it would be a grave mistake to pay the whole amount for project development upfront. (Except us! It would be a crime if you don’t pay us upfront. hehehe…..he..On a serious note, reskinning is a different game altogether, so this portion might not apply to reskinning projects.)

Tip #8: Do thorough testing


Before you launch the app, it is recommended to test it as much as you can. Any good developer will readily give you your app’s test version to enable you ascertain that functionality has been correctly delivered and that everything works as it should be.

If you discover any issues in the course of testing, make sure that you document it and tell the developer about it as fast as possible.

Tip #9: Final payment upon App Store approval


In case you wish to submit your app to App Store and especially Apple, which normally goes through a rigorous process before approval, you must make sure that your app has been uploaded properly and only pay your developer the final installment once it has been approved.

Tip #10: Make sure you have full ownership of the code/app


Although the ownership of IP is shrouded in a lot of mystery, you need to be very clear when discussing the IP ownership with your developer to ensure that you have the full ownership of the app as well as the code when the project is finished. Your app programmer needs to give you a file at the conclusion of the project and the file should contain all the project files. Only pay after receiving this.


Coming up successfully with an app can be fraught with many risks especially if you do not have all the necessary skills needed. Therefore, if you want to develop an app but you have less knowledge, the way to go is to outsource an app developer. The above tips will ensure that you find a good app developer, whether local or overseas.

Raj Arora
Author : Raj Arora

Founder and CEO Of Reskingames and Love to write about my experiences in the app industry, and have fun working!