Who, What, Why, When…

Hey there !

How’s it going? My name is Rajan Arora (Raj) and I am the CEO of Reskin Games.

So, what do we do? In short, we guys are the back-end office of hundreds of Apprenuers across the globe, and we help them make some uber cool mobile games.

We do not make custom games, but provide reskinning services to our clients. In Reskinning we pretty much cover everything that our clients might require. This means from the artwork of the game, to icons, to screenshots, to monetization, and even giving advice to our clients – we have just about everything.

Why did we start Reskin Games, and why should you choose us

We began by making our own custom games about two years back ( We still make tons of our own stuff every month). Things were going great but we needed manpower to scale up our production.

There were two options in front of us.

 A. Hire freelancers to do it for us      or       B. Hire more in-house team

We decided to go with option A, and began our search to find a some good freelancers to take care of our extended operations. We were really pepped up, thinking our production would probably double with the help of extra guys on-board.

However it wasn’t long before we realized that dealing with freelancers is not a piece of cake. Delayed communication, low quality work, no support were just some of the things that we faced every day. We quickly realized that most of these freelancers actually had full time jobs in the morning and hence were never able to give us full attention.

It was time to move to plan B.

We hired more in-house staff and gave them proper training to take care of our own games. Got the entire thing in order, and before we knew it – we were able to make tons of games every month. Some months later, one of my friends in the gaming industry approached us for a Reskin job. We were happy to do it, and eventually produced a high quality game. He was so happy with the service, and told us that the quality, timeline, and professionalism by our company was the best he had seen. Now, for all of you who don’t know – we are not a startup agency. Yes, in games (2 years)- but we have been into the digital field for over 10 years. Our core company is an established Web Development agency , and due to our background we bring to the table our experience, project management skills, having quality staff on-board and most importantly “THE PROCESSES we follow”. All this has helped us quickly becomes the preferred reskin agency to work with.

Keeping all of the above in mind, we took our reskinning service to the next level. As word spread about our service to other developers, we further increased our infrastructure and now have a solid team of project managers, designers, 3D artists and developers.

At the end the Reskin Games division gives a an opportunity to connect with some really cool Apprenuers and have fun doing what we do. Check out what some of our clients think about us. You might just find some known names there.

Just like with all the awesome people we have already worked for, It would be great to be a part of your next app adventure too.

Raj Arora
CEO Reskin Games

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