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Which is the The Best App Monetization Ad network for Android Games image

In the gaming world, one thing is clear, it’s not easy to make money with apps. I am pretty sure if you are new to the world of apps and want to enter this lucrative industry, some day or the other you must have researched about the ways you can make millions of dollars with your apps. But if you think you’ll sit back, relax and the money will automatically pour in, then let me wake you up and take you into the world of reality. The real picture is that app monetization is not about creating games and getting downloads. It’s about getting the money. If you have a look at the apps on the top grossing lists, you’ll ...

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Earning from app re-skinning/ app flipping standard

We all know mobile development has revolutionized the digital world. But there, is another trend that is gearing up to revolutionize the app world. I am talking about app re-skinning. We have excellent expertise in mobile app development and have been working on mobile apps for more than 3 years. And from last 1 year a new trend that has taken over our minds is app re-skinning/ app-flipping App re-skinning is a process in which you simply change the graphics and other effects in an app but retain the source code. It works great for any app and game! Building an app from the ground is a tedious and a very lengthy process. You tend to go through the process ...

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