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How To Make An App on a Budget image

So you have the next great app idea that is going to turn you into a millionaire, hence have no issues convincing yourself and even some loved ones that it would be safe and even lucrative to invest money into your killer app. If you know programming, you won’t have too much trouble. However, as a newbie, you are probably going to rely on a programmer, even pay him big bucks for the job. This is where you will be sinking your boat! If you don’t want to end up broke after your very first app, read this realistic and practical guide on how to make an app without spending all your money. Let’s take a look at a true story ...

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Is App/Game Reskinning = Spam? image

A few days back, I was randomly going through the internet when I came across a post according to which “Man Spams App store for fun” This post immediately caught my attention. Well, to be honest, I didn’t know much about app re-skinning when I launched my first app. Had I known, what I know today, things would have turned out differently, in fact I would’ve made much more money. Let’s go back some time, so I can tell you how I came across app re-skinning and the entire concept. I was running a successful IT company and things were pretty decent. However, years of doing the same thing over and over again had got to me and I wanted to ...

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What is app re-skinning? Start with the basics image

Hello there! This is my post on re-skinning Apps and games. There would be more posts coming down the line to help users understand more about this market and why is this market booming. So without taking much time, let’s jump into it and hopefully this article would be the first step to your successful career in the App re-skinning and flipping business. By hearing the word “re-skinning” you might get some idea, but it doesn’t convey the complete meaning of how is it related to mobile application development or game designs. But knowing about re-skinning of mobile Apps or graphic designs can surely add value to your business if you are into mobile application development. Starting an App from ...

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How to start your business of apps and games? image

So, you are planning to start an app business which can in turn maximize your profits? That’s great! But the decision of ‘starting an app business’ can be a long and winding road to success. You never know what comes up next if you do not plan things in advance. But according to my personal experience, starting up the business of apps and games can be the most fun and rewarding ventures of your life. Did you know around 30 million apps are downloaded every day by the users? It is one of the most popular hobby among the users. And so is developing ideas for new apps. The trouble actually lies in converting your idea into an app or ...

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Earning from app re-skinning/ app flipping standard

We all know mobile development has revolutionized the digital world. But there, is another trend that is gearing up to revolutionize the app world. I am talking about app re-skinning. We have excellent expertise in mobile app development and have been working on mobile apps for more than 3 years. And from last 1 year a new trend that has taken over our minds is app re-skinning/ app-flipping App re-skinning is a process in which you simply change the graphics and other effects in an app but retain the source code. It works great for any app and game! Building an app from the ground is a tedious and a very lengthy process. You tend to go through the process ...

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