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Sneaky but surefire tips to get your apps into the Apple store and avoiding rejections image

Nobody is denying that Apple has given us app makers the opportunity to flex our creative muscles and bring home the bacon while doing so. However, at the risk of sounding like an ungrateful oaf, and many of you will agree, with Apple it is the classic case of the hand that feeds slapping you 10 times before offering the next morsel. Stories of Steve Jobs’ bad temper and attitude abound on the internet. Well, it would be safe to say that at least many of these Apple’s app reviewers think they need to carry forward Job’s legacy of being eccentric and just overall mean. Where does that leave us app makers? In a lot of trouble! And, that has ...

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10 Tips for App Development Outsourcing image

Alright, you are here because of three possible reasons.. 1) You are going to start an app and looking for ways to take the idea forward 2) You are already getting an app developed, but are facing some kinda issues with the development team 3) You have just been had by an agency / freelancer and were searching for what went wrong I personally hope that none of you guys are No. 3, and you have come here on time. Given the ever increasing visibility of outsourcing websites, it has become far easier for anyone to outsource the app development requirements to offshore companies or freelancers. In this article, I explain some important tips to enable you contract out your app ...

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How To Make An App on a Budget image

So you have the next great app idea that is going to turn you into a millionaire, hence have no issues convincing yourself and even some loved ones that it would be safe and even lucrative to invest money into your killer app. If you know programming, you won’t have too much trouble. However, as a newbie, you are probably going to rely on a programmer, even pay him big bucks for the job. This is where you will be sinking your boat! If you don’t want to end up broke after your very first app, read this realistic and practical guide on how to make an app without spending all your money. Let’s take a look at a true story ...

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Tips to increase the download of your app image

You have just developed an iOS or Android app. You’re really excited about the design of the app & it worked great on every device you tested. And the best part is there is no tougher competition in your niche. You launch it and publish it on your social networking sites. After all this you feel like a winner. The next day you are excited to check out the number of your app downloads. 13 is the number of downloads and there is not even a single review.. hmmm.. You feel it’s the first day so maybe with time the downloads may increase. And you start with your app promotions. A month later you check the downloads and the number ...

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The right way to design the screenshots for your app image

Well, a few days back we talked about how to design a kickass app icon. This week we’ll talk about the screenshots. In the multifaceted app design process what we usually overlook is how the screen shots can advertise your app in a big way. So, before we proceed, let’s stop for a pulse of second to know, “How do you feel about screenshots design for your app?” The common responses that we usually get to this question are- What screenshots designs? Screenshots are screenshots. What is this designing? I have already spent a lot on the app design. I don’t have time and money discuss about screen shots. What screenshots? Let me first concentrate on uploading the binary? Sounds ...

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Tips to Design a KICKASS app ICON! image

You must have heard it’s not fair to judge a book from its cover/design. But this is what we always do. We pick up the book which has an interesting and appealing cover, and if we don’t find it attractive we leave it and pick another. There are so many choices available and we tend to choose the one that is interesting enough to grasp our attention. For an app icon too, the story goes quite similar. First impressions really do count. And your app icon is the first thing that your prospective users get to notice. The app store is a crowded place and to stand out can be challenging. You may not realize but the icon of an ...

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