Free Mobile Game Source Code!

Hey Everyone!

In the last couple of months a lot of people approached us for a demo source code. Mostly these developers were new to Unity, and wanted to get their feet wet.
When we decided last month to update our website, we had this thing at the top of our agenda.

Having said that, we would like to give you a free Unity source code. There is a reason we chose this particular code. Not only is this code perfect for both beginners and advanced appreneurs, but this code made us over $10,000 last year!!! Yep! we had launched it last year with many different themes, and it worked wonders.

The beauty of such codes are in their simplicity. Kids love to play such games over and over again. Check out the features of this code below.

1) Endless Game-play: Everyone knows an endless game-play = Crazy Ad Revenue!

2) Simple Game-play: The game is very easy to play, and is perfect for kids (which is a huge target audience)

3) Made in Unity: Since the game is made in unity, you can easily upload this to the Android, Amazon, Apple and all other stores Unity supports

4)  2D Graphics: The game is made in 2D and its extremely easy to reskin it

5) Upgrade: You can also use this code as a base and keep adding more features like power ups etc to give it a whole new set of features.

6) Integrated with Ads: The code is integrated with two ad networks. MobileCore + Admob. Note: These are only integrated to work in Android.

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