Quick Launch Game Templates

The Quick launch platform at GameGorillaz is an absolute sensation among developers where fully Ad ready game templates are made available to one time buyers for a direct launch on the stores. The Developers get full rights of the game and can launch on the store with no requirement for a reskin, with pre-installed revenue generating ad-networks. The projects are tested on cross devices, with a QA done in place, these projects are a perfect deal!

Benefits of Quick Launch Game Templates

  1. Predesigned templates with no need to reskin.
  2. Buyer gets the full rights of the game
  3. No extra manpower requirement
  4. Push the games live on to the stores directly.
  5. No QA testing required
  6. Helps you give time to marketing and PR Activity

What you get on a Quick Launch Game Template Purchase:

  1. Source Code of the Game
  2. Integrated Ad Networks for Monetization
  3. Graphic Assets and Designs
  4. Developer submissions on Google and iOS App Stores
  5. Purchase Support from GameGorillaz, whenever needed
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