Process We Follow

The Code

Before reaching out to us, you should probably check out our packages page to know if your code is already put up in that section. On the packages page, we generally put all deliverables of the project to give 100% clarity on what services are included and what are not.

If your code is not included in our packages, it would be best that you get in touch with us. We generally do not ask you to send the code over to us, but if we need to understand the code further for estimation, we may ask you for the source files.

After going through all the details, we would provide you with the package cost and timeline.

Our standard payment terms are 100% upfront. However, in case of a large project or multiple projects, we can certainly look into milestones for payments.


This is what we consider, the most important part of the project. We have our own communication channel for Reskin Games, and all project discussions go through this system. We divide the project into various milestones such as design, integration, ad networks, icon setup, etc. so that we have a full plan in place from day one. All communications are recorded into this system, so that there is no going back and forth, on what the requirements were. This keeps communication problemsĀ at bay.


When we begin the project, our first step is to understand your concept. It’s your job to tell us what you need to create, and it’s our job to make it come to life. Let’s say you have a code for a racing game – you have to let us know what theme or style your racing game needs to be. From Zombie racer to Little Kid Racer, we can take care of it all. Remember, for a game to be successful – Concept is everything.


Once we understand the concept, our artists would start making the artwork as per the code. Depending on the game code being 2D or 3D, we would show you screenshots of our concepts. If you do not like the concept, you can always ask us to change or tweak it. If you like the concept artwork, we begin the next step of integrating it into the game source code.


Once the designs are selected, the integration process begins. We replace all 2D models with new artwork/ New 3D models with older ones. Basically everything in the game-play is now changed as per your theme. Your game is starting to take shape!


After the initial integration, we make sure you have a look at the progress of the game. At this point we would either send you the game video, send you a test flight, or simply send over the game APK for you to play with it.

Icon, Screenshots and More

While your game is getting ready, the artists have all necessary information to create your game icon, screenshots and also begin replacing the GUI (buttons and stuff) to make everything as per your theme. We take this very seriously, as making a cool icon is obviously the most important job. Ad integrations are also done during this stage.

Finally Uploading on…

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