Well, a few days back we talked about how to design a kickass app icon. This week we’ll talk about the screenshots.

In the multifaceted app design process what we usually overlook is how the screen shots can advertise your app in a big way. So, before we proceed, let’s stop for a pulse of second to know, “How do you feel about screenshots design for your app?” The common responses that we usually get to this question are-

  1. What screenshots designs? Screenshots are screenshots. What is this designing?
  2. I have already spent a lot on the app design. I don’t have time and money discuss about screen shots.
  3. What screenshots? Let me first concentrate on uploading the binary?

Sounds familiar, isn’t it? I am sure you can relate to these comments, especially when you are close to the launch of the app. In this article, we’ll talk about how important are screenshots and what is the right way to design the screenshots of your app.

Playstore “screen shots” are not only screenshots, they can actually communicate much more than just reflecting how the app looks. Screenshots have a strong influence on users when they download an app. If your screenshot is well designed, users will download the app. However, if it’s bad, then it’ll surely hamper the downloads.  People prefer to look at the screenshots rather than reading the description of the game. Well-designed screenshots can offer a better idea of the game rather than reading the description. This implies you ought to pay a lot of attention towards designing your app screenshots as they can seriously boost your app downloads.

Here are a few tips that can help you to design the screenshots of your app in a right way:

Let the screenshot talk for your app– There are basically two types of screenshots. The first type is actually a screenshot of your app which can showcase the features and app menu. This screenshot works best for simple apps or games. It displays what users will experience in the app. You can always add a short tagline to the screenshot for better explanation. However, if your app has many features, like utility apps, then it is better to go for customized posters displaying visual content. Also, you can add text to your screenshot explaining what your app does.

Create screenshots that convey what your app is all about. Screenshots should also depict the specifics about the app that appeals to the potential buyers.

Create an enticing screenshot– When you enter the app store and search for the keywords, you get a huge list of apps. Every app displays the icon, the reviews, the title and the 1stscreenshot. Now, to grasp the immediate attention of the users it becomes important that your screenshot is very appealing. You, therefore, have to benefit from the attention by creating a striking 1st screenshot.

Use all the screenshots– It is advised to use all the available screenshots. Apple allows to upload 5 screenshots and Android allows to upload 8 screenshots. People love visual facts so the more you have, the better it is. If you have an opportunity to showcase your visual content, then grab it and use it for your benefit.

Choosing between landscape and portrait orientation – Selecting the right orientation can be a daunting process. Many devices have portrait orientation as a default option. Portrait orientation offers a clear and quick snapshot of the app and unlike, landscape orientation you do not need to tilt the screen to adjust the angle for a clear view. Therefore, I will recommend you to create a portrait orientation for Smartphones.

Using a screenshot per feature– Choose the best features of your app and create a screenshot for the same. If your app doesn’t have many features, use different angles to showcase the best possible features.

Impressive tagline – Make sure the tagline you choose for screenshots is impressive and enticing, so that it can grasp the immediate attention of the users compelling them to use & stick to your app.

In the end, I’ll wrap up this article with a short summary which says, “If your screenshots are not impressive, users will not download your app. So, create screenshots that are interesting and communicate explicitly. Make use of alluring colors outside the boring color palette. Create screenshots that convince the users that they will do the job.

Raj Arora
Author : Raj Arora

Founder and CEO Of Reskingames and GameGorillaz.com. Love to write about my experiences in the app industry, and have fun working!