You have just developed an iOS or Android app. You’re really excited about the design of the app & it worked great on every device you tested. And the best part is there is no tougher competition in your niche. You launch it and publish it on your social networking sites. After all this you feel like a winner.

The next day you are excited to check out the number of your app downloads. 13 is the number of downloads and there is not even a single review.. hmmm.. You feel it’s the first day so maybe with time the downloads may increase. And you start with your app promotions. A month later you check the downloads and the number is still 400. So what are you doing wrong? After putting on so much of hard-work and promotion skills why you are not getting the desired downloads for the app.

This is the story that many of the developers experience. So, today, let me share with you some exciting tips that’ll surely enhance the download of your app.

Your work with the app doesn’t end by just developing an app and making it available for the download on the playstore. I’ll say developing the app is just the first step and the hard work has just started!

With more than 2 million apps in the Playstore to choose from, how would you compel users to choose your app?

Well, there are mainly two platforms on which you can upload your apps, the App store for iOS and Google Play for Android. Although the platforms are different, the basic techniques used for promoting the apps are the same. The only difference lie at the implementation level as every store has its own rules.

Here, I have listed down some cheap, quick and easy to implement tactics that can surely increase your app downloads. Each of this tactic can help you to increase download by about 5% to 50%.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

You can make a considerable effect on the downloads of your apps starting right at the app store where you display your app. Just like SEO, you can optimize your app rankings. It’s important that you identify which keywords users are using to search for your app and accordingly you optimize your app. The techniques applied for app optimization are called App Store Optimization (ASO) and they can help you to bring your App appear on the first place rankings for searches made by the users. The main factors covered under ASO-

  1. App name – This is the first step of ASO. It is important that your app name has keywords that best describe your type of app.
  2. App keywords – You should always carry out keyword analysis to find out the keywords that are most commonly used by the users to find out apps with the same theme like yours. You should keep optimizing the keywords and experimenting with the news to enhance the number of downloads.
  3. App Descriptions – This field offers an opportunity to elucidate all the app features along with other specifications that are worth mentioning.
  4. App screenshots – This factor may not directly enhance the ranking in the search results but can surely impact the downloads of the apps. A well designed screenshot can compel a user to download the app. As said in my earlier post, you should always all the screenshot spaces, 5 in the Apple store and 8 in Google playstore.
  5. App localization – Translate the app and its content which includes screenshots, name, description, etc. to the local language and culture of the country to which it is being addressed. Often the companies that localize the version of their existing app in a new country witness a constant increase in the downloads of the app.

Other promotional tactics outside the app store

  1. Create an App’s website – You can create a website to promote app downloads. It can also serve as a channel for technical assistance. Get the website optimized for search engines with the targeted keywords and the linking should be directed to the website. Make sure you develop the mobile version of the website as it is the most common forms of access. Note: This is cool for a large game you are making, but I would not recommend it if you are into the reskinning business.
  2. Promotion via social networks – You should promote the app on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Every networking site has its own oddities so make sure the type of communication is appropriate to the network. Facebook and Twitter offer the option of sharing the app and inviting your friends to like it. Facebook also boasts an advertising option the promotes the installation of apps- Mobile App Install Ads.
  3. Cross promotion in other Apps– If you already have Apps available you can use them for promoting the new apps. There are also Ad networks dedicated exclusively for this type of cross promotion. Some are free and others offer a paid version. Some of the popular ad networks include MobileCore, Applovin, Chartboost and more.
  4. Create a video – In 30 seconds a video can demonstrate why the app is worth the download. You can show a story in the video highlighting the features of the app. You can upload the video on social networking sites and the app store.
  5.  App review sites – App review sites can enhance the downloads of your app if they recommend your app on their site. It also serves as a great link building source.

Last but not the least, a small tip that I would like to share make your technical assistance stupendous! Always be quick to respond to the queries of users and offer all available channels to provide assistance to your apps’ users. This will further enhance word of mouth advertising and the reviews that are left on the app store and app review sites. And make sure, you keep your users happy !

These 10 tips helped me to grow my app business to more than 5 million downloads. I hope these tips help you too, in doing wonders to your app downloads !

Raj Arora
Author : Raj Arora

Founder and CEO Of Reskingames and Love to write about my experiences in the app industry, and have fun working!