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This is my post on re-skinning Apps and games. There would be more posts coming down the line to help users understand more about this market and why is this market booming. So without taking much time, let’s jump into it and hopefully this article would be the first step to your successful career in the App re-skinning and flipping business.

By hearing the word “re-skinning” you might get some idea, but it doesn’t convey the complete meaning of how is it related to mobile application development or game designs. But knowing about re-skinning of mobile Apps or graphic designs can surely add value to your business if you are into mobile application development.

Starting an App from the scratch can be a little wearisome task. You have to do brainstorming, gather your ideas and jot them down, tap a programmer… and this endless list continues. And, also you need to market your App, by constantly updating your content for your users. Well, this whole process will be really tedious.

However, to avoid all this hustle plus the huge costs of developing an App from the scratch, a new solution has done the rounds. And the solution is: App re-skinning.

Well, I’d like to dedicate a post to this new solution which is a great help for new developers and is penetrating the app industry. There are many questions that may come up in your mind.. What is re-skinning, who should do it, what are its benefits, and is it a profitable plan. This is especially for the people who are new to this concept.

What is App re-skinning?

Re-skinning an App is a process of modifying the graphics of a particular app, but retaining the code. It works great for almost any and every app ranging from games to simple productivity apps. For e.g. to re-skin a game, you’ll just need to change its look and feel (which includes the game characters, artwork, background, etc.) and the sound of the game but you won’t need to change its game play.

Will this concept benefit your business?

I should first mention here, ‘this is not an instantly getting rich scheme’. Such things don’t exist. But yes, it can surely save your time and money. What publishers and developers want from their apps? It’s the profit and revenue. By re-skinning the apps you can avoid the hassle of programming everything from the scratch. So, this way you get to save money as you don’t need to hire people for designing and developing an app. You just need to change the graphics and the code remains the same. Just imagine how much you can save by creating multiple apps from a single code.

Another great advantage is it saves you time. Since you already have the code, you just need to change the graphics plus put on the sounds that are either paid or royalty free and within a month or even a week you can release your own app. With minimal resources and risks, you may easily enter the app business and make great success.

Another question that may come in your mind is ‘won’t people get bored by seeing the same game over and over.’

I would say not really. You will be working on the graphics which will completely change the look of the app and make it different from the other apps out there. But there is a big chance that users will download your app. If you actually go and visit the app store you’ll find a number of apps with the same game play or similar content. In fact, the concept of flipping apps has been already a thriving trend as it allows developers do get their profits really up.

Is it really expensive to buy codes?

A source code of an app depending on the complexity can range anywhere from $100-$2000. This may sound costly but if you plan to create an app from the scratch it easily costs you more than $6000. And with app re-skinning you actually get an opportunity to convert the $1000 into $100,000 which makes it a great investment.

With app re-skinning you are actually reducing your costs and maximizing your profits. You also get a business opportunity to get increase your revenue without having to risk great money and investment.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comment sections below – and we would be happy to answer them for you.

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Author : Raj Arora

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