In the gaming world, one thing is clear, it’s not easy to make money with apps. I am pretty sure if you are new to the world of apps and want to enter this lucrative industry, some day or the other you must have researched about the ways you can make millions of dollars with your apps. But if you think you’ll sit back, relax and the money will automatically pour in, then let me wake you up and take you into the world of reality. The real picture is that app monetization is not about creating games and getting downloads. It’s about getting the money.

If you have a look at the apps on the top grossing lists, you’ll see that most of them are free. Top grossing and free? This may sound a little abrupt to you. But yes, it’s true. These apps have enormous monetization pathways that can engross up to $10 per download. The freemium model is an optimal way for app developers to make most of the money from their creations. App market is booming and the app publishers are continuing to look for the best app monetization models that works best for them. However, there is no ‘one size fits all’ strategy so the developers need to think about which markets they plan to enter before deciding on the models that can get them maximum revenue.


If we talk about best app monetization models for Android games, mobileCore tops the list.  Although Applovin and Chartboost are also good engaging ad networks, but they didn’t do that well on Android network. mobileCore offers Android developers with both mobile app monetization and app distribution models. Irrespective of the developer, whether he is a huge company or an indie operation, mobileCore is robust and flexible enough to support all types of developers.

mobileCore monetization solutions emphasize on user-experience as it uses versatile advertising formats which includes the engaging AppWall, interstitial advertising and the user-friendly slider ads. mobileCore enhances the mobile app distribution by using its offerwalls. With mobileCore, you can carry out cross promotion of your apps as it offers users with real added value by suggesting them to download similar products. Also, it boasts flexible and potent Android SDK that can be used to enhance the user experience, earnings and the app’s viral presence. With mobileCore you can pull off good ECPM’s to up to $10. The payments are always on time and there is a dedicated manager who can assist you whenever required. The only downside of mobileCore is that you cannot use it with any other ad network in the game as the scripts of mobileCore conflict with other networks and crash the game.

mobileCore – a mobile monetization ad network that can make you richer

The beauty of mobileCore is that it can maximize the eCPM for developers as well publishers, making them rich. Before switching to mobileCore I had used Chartboost and had some success. But once I installed mobileCore and released a few apps, what I noticed was that my app revenue really went up high. It was incredible…. this powerful network worked great for me and I am sure it will work great for you too! So, try this ad network and let your ad revenue shoot up!

Check them out here mobileCore

Raj Arora
Author : Raj Arora

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