Hello Everyone… It’s been a while since I wrote a post.. Reason: Was busy in making and launching some crazy amount of games..More on those in another post…And frankly I wanted to find some core issues to write a post on. I have to admit that when I write, it’s basically coming from a person with a decent experience in mobile gaming. – What I forget while writing sometimes, is that the person who might be reading the article would just be starting or wanting to start his / hers mobile ventures and might not know the F*** I am talking about.

So I decided to put on my detective hat and wanted to find out – as to WHAT would these new comers be thinking of? This Investigation led me to various Facebook pages like

https://www.facebook.com/groups/appentrepreneurs/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/mobileappflipping/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/8117041572/

The above pages are just some of the many I joined.

PRO TIP: If you are just starting out, or have been in the Industry for sometime. It’s HUGELY important to connect with other people from the same Industry. You will always be updated to whats happening… What’s going viral, people sharing views and knowledge.. And all of this…..ABSOLUTELY FREE! Go ahead, use Facebook for something constructive for once.. So Coming back to the point. I joined these groups and looked out for the general questions people asked. And the one I came across many times, was.. Which software to use to make mobile games? And I thought.. Why not write an article and put this to rest….So here goes.. So without prolong this further. The Answer to the question is UNITY..


Yes sir, No BS of explanation of other software’s first..and then coming with the winner. Unity is the software, which you need to use at the beginning, mid and whatever stage you are in. Forget COCOS 2D, Forget Game Salad… Forget everything. Unity is all your need. I however will write down the reasons why:

Cross Platform:


In Layman terms you code your game ONCE, and it’s ready for Android, Apple, Amazon stores and any future ones that might come up. It makes NO freaking sense to code in XCODE, or any language that pretty much puts you in any kind of limitation. A scout is always ready and keeps his options open. My Personal experience: 1.5 years ago, I launched a game and it was the perfect theme to go viral at that time. In fact it did went Viral on the IOS store. As an Indie developer there are very times when your game would go viral, and at that time you have to make the best use of the situation. Unfortunately for me my game was made using XCODE and porting it on Google play store was not an option. IF and only IF I would have been able to port the game to Android at that point, my earnings would have quadrupled…. But alas..


Plus you never know about technology. Imagine Amazon coming up with a new smart phone which kicks butt of Samsung and Apple. Would you be prepared? And, when the gold rush is happening, and you have 100 games that can be ported easily…. well that would be some serious monies…. I rest my case.

2) 3D No Problem, 2D Not a problem at all:


Unity gives you the power to create anything that you want. Whether you want to make game for the upcoming Oculus VR or reskin the existing game? It’s all possible in Unity. If you want to make a clone of a groundbreaking 3D game… be my guest. Personal Experience: Was able to create a 3D endless runner that did wonders for me and was able to create a 2D slot machine game, which is going really strong.

3) Community:

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The community of Unity, is pretty huge. Whatever questions you will ask about the software, are mostly answered in the vast forums. Community is what makes a software. When you find a place where people are freely sharing knowledge, scripts, experience, etc. It’s easy to grow at a faster rate. So meet, connect, discuss and grow.


Reference: http://www.visionmobile.com/blog/2014/07/the-app-economy-consolidates-before-the-next-gold-rush/

Personal Experience: Talking about scripts, one of the parking games from which I got over 2 million downloads – was actually using a free steering script which my coders picked from a developer who posted it on a forum. I would have posted the link here, but not sure if I can find it.

4) Don’t start from scratch, get a headstart:

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Unity asset store has loads of treasure you can use. I use the asset store way too much in my games and it has saved me years of effort. They have ready-made scripts, projects ranging from small to large games. Basically it pretty much covers everything from racing games, chess, children’s games.. you name it, it’s got it… plus it’s increasing by the day. More than scripts you would find tons and tons of 3D models. There is so much stuff that you would go crazy with options. In-fact after looking at those assets, me and my team now visits this store to get ideas for our next games. This will give you an idea of what you can find there. Cost to buy is pretty low too. Most assets on an average cost about $15-20. You will find stuff to help you from GUI creation, particle effects to scripting that you just DO NOT have to go anywhere else. Personal Experience: I have used unity assets on 100 + games. Once, I purchased a script for $50 and that ended up coming No. 7 of the IOS top charts for a day. Don’t be shocked…I am still getting over it…..

4) Easy to outsource: 

When a software does well, there would be plenty of people and developers around. In the case of Unity there is a huge availability of developers who can help you in your project. From a risk point of view it works well too, as normally it happens that developers don’t complete your project. If the software being used is popular, you can always find another developer to complete your project and not put a dead-end to your money. Personal Experience: I know some developers who have absolutely stopped working on other platforms as they see the future in only Unity.

5) Multiple Coding Languages:

Unity allows use of multiple coding languages. Some developers use Javascript and some prefer C#. When you have flexibility to use something at your own ease – it will always benefit you. Personal experience:  Not a coder… so nothing much to say here. I guess the above pretty much covers all points you would come across during your Gaming Career. If I remember something later on, I’ll update this article. Till then. Be positive, Focused, Honest and keep moving forward.

Cheers, Raj

Raj Arora
Author : Raj Arora

Founder and CEO Of Reskingames and GameGorillaz.com. Love to write about my experiences in the app industry, and have fun working!