What is Reskinning, and who are ReskinGames.com?

What is Reskinning? Well, to cut a long story short – Reskinning is a process where app developers do not have to create a game from scratch. You take a premade source code of an app/ game and change it’s design completely, to give it a brand new look. There are many benefits of reskinning premade codes such as, saving development time, increasing revenue/ portfolio, minimizing risks and so on. This is a pretty good way for even a beginner app developer to test out the waters in the app business without spending a fortune.

So, where does ReskinGames.com come in? Let’s say Jack, wishes to make a Parking Simulator game. He comes across a source code and buys it. His plan is to give the game a new look with an awesome zombie theme. Now, Jack could either do the theme change himself, or hire a freelancer to do for him.  If Jack is a technical kinda guy, he can take care of the entire process himself. Of-course, there would be significant amount of time required in this process. If he is not a technical guy, he would probably end up finding a designer, coders, and a couple of more guys to make this thing happen.

In most of the cases, working with freelancers become a pain and a huge risk. This is where we come in. Reskingames.com is a trusted company who has worked with hundreds of app developers all over the world. Our inhouse team has designers, 3D modelers, Unity coders, animators and pretty much everyone you need under a single roof.

Jack chose us, and is now sipping on a Mojito in Malibu.

Rocket Fast Delivery!

It’s simple. You get in touch with us, give us your source code, share your concept, and that’s about it. Our talented team of designers and developers, would start work on the project, and you would have your project in no time. Learn about
our process.

Cut the Cost!

Stop doing it yourself, and stop spending too much. Reskinning is supposed to be profitable. Our prices are easy on the pocket, and most importantly we don’t compromise on quality.

Taking Sh*t Seriously

We are very serious about our business, and even more serious when it comes to our clients. We understand that our clients trust us, to let us become a part of their business. it’s a big responsibility. We are focused on delivering high quality stuff, and on time. Being in the service industry, we can’t say that we are going to be perfect. Yeah, we might goof up sometimes, but we ain’t the ones to shy away from our jobs.. Our goal: To do better, than the best we can.

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Our Process

Show us the code

If you don’t find the code in our packages, get in touch with us to get the idea of pricing for the code you have. Once you are cool with the pricing, it’s time to take it to the next level.

Tell us the theme

Code is one thing, and coming up with a rock solid theme for your game is another. Tell us the theme you require, and let our designers do the rest..

Confirm the design

Once we begin giving your concept a shape, we will share our designs/ screenshots/ models with you. Once confirmed, let’s get these designs integrated into the game.

Play it !

Once the designs are integrated into the game, we will send you Testflights or demo APK’s to test drive your game.

Wohoo! It's launch time!

Once you confirm the project, our team designs your game icons/ screenshots and get ready to launch your game to the stores.

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What is Reskinning?

Long Story Short

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